Wednesday, November 3, 2010

6 simple rules for ACCESSORIZING

all of us of course L.O.V.E to be beautiful in our own way. be it with with makeup, luxury designer collection, well known brands... and one thing for sure, many many of us ladies forget or the best word, dont know how to use accessories to make us look *WOW*. its that wow factor that makes a celebrity looks hot, a lady looks stunning and a mommy look vogue!! lets share from on


Your NECKLACE should be working for you—a long strand that hits just below the bust makes you look taller and leaner

Not sure when "finishing touch" becomes "overkill"? You can never go wrong with a stack of SKINNY BANGLES

Don't be afraid to add something disarmingly BOLD & MASCULINE —like this oversize watch—into the mix.

Try wearing just one BIG, MEMORABLE piece. A wide cuff like this can easily become your calling card.

When shopping for EARRINGS, consider the shape of your face: Pendants look best when yours is round or square. Studs, buttons, or short drop earrings offset a long or oval face. Hoops are always a good choice.

A RING should flatter your fingers. Narrow bands or styles that extend toward the knuckle make your digits appear longer; thin fingers can pull off a wider style.

happy accessorizing ladies~~!


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