Monday, November 29, 2010

whats for lunch ya~

aduhai... keje kat klcc ni dah tak tau nk makan ape~ nk jadi creative pon dah tak tau... hahhahaha~~ iye mmg sgt bersyukur work here. bile masuk bab makan mmg byk choice!! byk sampai tak tau dah nk makan ape sbb dah tau rasanye cane~~ what i always have for lunch here are

i go for Sub of the Day

kyros kebab
the Large chicken or lamb wrap

pizza milano
spaghetti seafood arabiata

nasi campur level 4
dkt dgn escalator

nasi kandar level 2

last but not least...

nasi campur @ Mesra Shop 
near to twintower fitness center

all pix from google

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