Monday, November 22, 2010

myCOACHjourney..... mission accomplished!

its all started here when i saw this at KLCC... EsteeLauder has team up with Coach to produce this special set for only RM180 with every purchase of RM200 EsteeLauder Product

i started to ask myself if i should buy the set... i dont use perfume like other ladies does *yes i only use it at home while ku's around!* and i dont use makeup like everyday *just a normal powder is enuff for me*. i keep on buzzing my head and of course, mr ku~~ its not that i am a BIG fan of Coach *ah ha... am miss ferragamo remember?* but i am very very sure that if i buy this set, i would at least get the Coach at a very minimal price. and there i was last friday posting this and make it happen~~

with these 2 sets in my arms, i let go everything.. yes!! everything except the Coach Bag and Estee Lauder Pleasure Bloom Traveller's perfume 5ml. the best part is that i sell everything just to cover my RM210 + RM180 purchase for the CoachBag. thats mean everything sold are almost all 50% off of its retail price!!!!! its a SERIOUSLY BIG bargain for my Estee Lauder "Worth-UR-Money" Sale

and yes..... i would like to thank wati, tn, tes, jijah and nina for make it happened for me to own this CoachCosmeticBag FOC!!!!!! i love u ols~~~ muah muah XOXO. its win-win purchase rite ladies~ *wink*

stay tune for "myFOC" Coach!!

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