Wednesday, November 24, 2010

next VACAY2011 dilemma....

am so into travelling and for the fact that i MISSED airasia's promotion for KOREA *qist was warded* it makes me think for the second option... NEW ZEALAND. why?? do you know that airasia will be flying to this kiwi land~~? no kidding!! see here. haa... percaya kan? sooo excited lah!!! *wink wink* i mmg sgt admire new zealand ever since amazing race went there. ape kene mengene kan~~ eeyyy.. kenelah! lets see why i have this 

VACAY2011 dilemma



this land is full of history, culture, beautiful scenery, shopping *of course!* its totally a different experience as we have not touch base in this kind of travel vacation environment *except beijing* korea for me is beautiful when the flowers all blooming and the surroundig is chilling. i am very much looking forward for that city center shopping, jeju island, kimchi.. owh do i mentioned magnificent mountain range and scenery? 

New Zealand


OMG!!! i am sooo into this place becoz of its awe-inspiring landscapes, breathtaking coastline and jaw dropping mountainous regions. The best part is that it’s all within a short drive from most of the cities. tp yg paling penting..... i nk sgt sgt sgt sgt sgt sgt sgt sgt try bungee jumping!!!!!! please............. new zealand i predict to be similar to australia *iye mmg tidak sama.. i know* more or less... bau sama la kot!! LOL. masa first time dulu nk plan for honeymoon n first ever oversea vacation, new z was in the top list tp..... tak sampai2 jugak~

so mana satu nk pegi ni~~?? any suggestion? kot2 u ols penah sampai or frens penah pegi or baca about the experience sumwhere~~ lemme know yeeeeee

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