Monday, November 29, 2010

any SK-II fans out there?

Esteelauder sudah.... now calling for SK-II pulak~~ dulu i gune SK-II for 5 years before tukar ke Dermalogica. owh... kenapa tukar? amik angin baru kot~~ hahahaha. banyak factor.... tapi yg paling penting NOT because of the product not good what-so-ever. for me, SK-II masih tetap di hati ku~~ *chewah* for those yg nk try SK-II miracle water aka SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, i highly recommend u ols!!! u can see the different in less than a week~~ trust me coz me no lie okay!! ape different nye??

immediately you akan rasa...
smoother skin
more supple skin
clearer skin

after week or two...
more radiant skin

for me what i notice is that SK-II miracle water is significantly helpful in terms of renewing skin 28-days cycle faster. you boleh nampak when ur skin start to become more even, smoother and you will sgt happy bile org start to notice!!!! altho i changed to Dermalogica, i still use this 

SK-II Miracle Water

coz for me.. it is miracle~!!

for those yg nk try this, SK-II baru start today their Christmas promo. mmg sgt berbaloi2 beli this time punye pack... for those yg mmg nk terus jadi die hard fans, you akan dapat  1000 points FOC for every purchane RM1000. it never happen before~~~ coz now its is

SK-II 30th Anniversary

find out more here

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