Monday, November 15, 2010

what is your best supplement?

last friday i went for a health & beauty talk. here are some tips that i managed to jot down for my own safekeeping~~ its not complete as a suggested supplement intake for you, its more like an additional info on top of what i have known previously

energy supply supplement
vitamin C

all of the above.. dont take with coffe or tea. why? it encourage urine development and flush out all of its benefits. water is ok coz it does not develop urine

memory & skin supplement
to improve concentration. suggested to take when required
ginkgo biloba

help balancing hormon
evening primrose oil (EPO)

pregnancy & motherhood
for easier, faster and less pain delivery

hair loss supplement

heart health
supplement : C0Q10 *it exist in oats too~*
food : fish, nuts (unsalted & unroasted walnuts, almond, macademia), garlic, oats, yogurt, flax seed, oatmeal, buckwheat *like japanese soba noodle*, dark cho (> 60%), good oils, good fibre

after 50 years old
calcium reduce.....
- age 25 years above
- when taking meat (except fish), carbonated drink
- if not exercise

- osteoarthritis.... take glucosamine
- rheumatoid arthritis.... take fish oil
- gout.... take celery seed oil

the best part was

we get this 180 capsules EPO supplement FOC!!!

thanx thanx and thanx~~~ *wink*

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