Monday, November 1, 2010

sorry for keep you waiting peeps~!!

yeah i know i missed to upload few blog post this morning. my lil qist not feeling well.... siannnnn princess~  yesterday after balik from visiting her lil bambam cousin, she keep on vomitting tak sudah2. i tot she was pening duduk seat belakang in which qist never felt that way. then it continues until midnight. so me n ku keep on terbangun2. later then she continue again until this morning. hope my lil qist get well soon~~ sian rasanya tgk qist minum then vomit then minum then vomit. i seriously think that the environment air is not at the best condition now. so mommies~~ just be caution with ur lil ones whenever berjalan2 di luar ya....... always bring along ur best friend



sery said...

ure rite, cuaca sgt lh tk elok..nk bawak anak kuar pun pk 2 3 kali..qashrina pun br baik demam..get well soon qist!

hana.basri said...

mama dia naik give up dah nak kasi minum air... sume tanak. *sigh*

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