Thursday, November 25, 2010

korea owh korea... napela crisis lagey~~~?

mesti everyone is aware pasal north korea vs south korea crisis ever since. we are not that worry if theres nothing happen.. but now it is alarming!!!! cane nk pegi korea camni?? *sob sob sob* crisis yg happened recently ni effect sume bende... dari la masalah negara, currency exchange, business sampai lah stock market! turun ye..... sangat lah turun~~~ lagi lagi menakutkan bile north korea warn more attacks. eyy..... nauzubillah.. tapi they are so near to us. like 6 hours different je! among latest news...

N.Korea blames South over attacks
The Straits Times , Nov 25 2010
SEOUL - NORTH KOREA again blamed the rival South for provoking a deadly artillery attack on a border island and warned that it stood ready to strike once more.. more

North Korea reportedly warns of more attacks
MarketWatch, Nov 24 2010, 9.59pm
LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) - North Korea warned Thursday it would launch more attacks on South Korea if its southern neighbor makes more "reckless military provocations,".. more

S.Korea to strengthen military forces on border islands 
Inquirer 10:59:00 11/25/2010
SEOUL - South Korea will strengthen its military forces on five islands bordering North Korea following a deadly artillery attack by Pyongyang, the presidential palace said Thursday.. more


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