Saturday, September 18, 2010

ladies ONLY?? cool huh~~

owh yesterday i started working after loooong mc and raya holiday. just to kick start the working mode i guess~ since my car still in the workshop waiting for insurance clearance before full completion.. gosh! its soooo not a good time to have an accident near to Raya *LOL* what other transport do i left with?? the one and only..

limo + driver

dont worry coz am soo generous that i allowed everyone else ride on my wheel *choo choo!!* i woke as early as i usually did during weekdays and papa send me to my waiting bay *huhu* owh.. its still early that my wheel still otw "12mins to go..takpela" later then i realised something in which i thot it was NEW but it turns up that i am THE ONLY ONE whom just knew it!!! *sangat malu tahap gaban*

ladies only at all time coach

i was sooo impressed!! seriously i just knew it~~ LOL *blush* it started as early as apr 2010. so impressed that i enjoyed my sleeping time in the coach until i felt like it was too long to reach the destination "biar betul.. takkan lama sgt" when i opened my eyes and slowly woke up...


i missed 2 stations already!!! haiya~~ semangat bangun pagi2 nak sampai office awal la konon... end up



mama zharfan said...

me pernah terbaca psl coach ni kat some blogs masa me BW :) me suka sbb kaler pink hehheheh

hana.basri said...

haa... ku pon cakap kaler pink tapi yg i naik...... BUKAN kaler pink~~ tapi all advert inside is soooo chantek!! *wink*

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