Friday, September 3, 2010

SpecialSlot : Rezeki & Dugaan

there are time when we forget that Rezeki & Dugaan comes together.. it seems like a package or indeed, it is a package. our definition of Rezeki as a human always relate to dollar & cent while Dugaan it seems more like an unpredictable or unwanted bad event. However, we tend to forget that Dugaan do arrived in a form of good things

Rezeki for each & everyone on this earth and this life is different. some come in a form of $$$$, some arrived in a form of happiness, some as easy daily life, some as zuriat and the list goes on and never end.

while Dugaan may come as a form of bad luck/event, death, accident but we have to remember that Dugaan do arrived in a form of $$$$ and happiness

i received an email that shared on a quote/short story...

Jannah (paradise) is expensiveukthee (sister).
The Prophet SAW says “Is not the prize of Allah expensive?”
It is, by Allah.

It requires a lifetime effort.
It requires hardwork, ukhtee.
It requires getting up in the morning, and leaving your sleep and your comfort and your work.
It requires struggle with your life and your soul.
It requires you taking your money and not spend it in your own comfort, but spend it in the cause of Allah.
It requires you prefer the love of Allah and that of religion and that of Islam over and above your own love.

“Is not the prize of Allah expensive?”
Wallahi (by Allah), it is expensive ukhtee.
You cannot attain Jannah by pleasure of the heart.
It can only be attain by hardwork, ukthee.” – Tawfique Chowdhury

and yes.. 
it makes me realise that Rezeki & Dugaan do come together
it makes me realise that Rezeki is a form of Dugaan as as well
it makes me realise that once we are granted with Rezeki, we must make use of it in the cause of Allah
it makes me realise that Dugaan may come when we forget that our Rezeki is actually related to 
embracing Islam and improving the way of life

never have hasad dengki in our heart, throw away sifat mazmumah
as it actually "menghilangkan kebahagiaan di dalam hati"

hope we will benefit from this.. insyaAllah

~ written by : hana.basri ~

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