Friday, September 3, 2010

mamakuQis : another CustomMade delivered

alhamdulillah.. Ramadhan & Syawal open up our pintu rezeki widely for both cookies and CustomMade order. our CustomMade SmallSquare is ordered by sir Abby for his staffs & colleagues as a Hari Raya favor, tied with pretty cream & pink ribbon

we hope your staffs & colleagues L.O.V.E it~! thanx for supporting mamakuQis, sir Abby~

p/s : those new cookies orders by ur staffs... after Raya ya *wink*


mama zharfan said...

so lovely ;)

Mrs Abby said...

they love d gift so much...smpi nak trus order but unfortunately...dah closed...

hana.basri said...

suzie : thanx suzie~ :)

mrs abby : alhamdulillah.. good to hear that they love the cookies! tq for ur support :)

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