Wednesday, September 29, 2010

raw food diet... do u dare?

i came across this article while searching for a helth tips. somehow it surprise me for the fact that there are people who choose
Raw Food Diet

to slim down and lose some weight. this type of diet let you to consume unprocessed, whole plant-based food, at least 75% uncooked. owh..No-NO... dont get me wrong here ya~ its not like eating uncooked food like the japanese~~ its actually consist of fresh fruit, vege blablabla.

why raw food diet? to retain the nutritional value in which cooked food *above 47degC* normally lose those essential enzyme. so question is now.. can u stand the plant-based only? what? u cant?? nevermind... there are few more types of raw diet food

raw veganism - whole foods e.g. vege, nuts, seeds blablabla
raw vegetarinism - whole food + dairy + egg
raw animal food diet - owh yes.. u read it rite!

in case you wanna know which celebrity that use this diet, its all time favourite

rachael ray

wanna know details about raw food diet? visit howcelebsdiet

source : howscelebsdiet, google



Flatten Stomach said...

Thank you very much for sharing this raw food diet tips!:) Keep up the good work!

hana.basri said...

my pleasure *wink*

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