Monday, September 20, 2010

VACAY2010 : Day08_BlueMountain.SydneyOperaHouse

our DAY EIGHT journey tooks us to the

Blue Mountain

we took a train from the city straight to this place. it was a 2hours ride from city but for ur.. it ends up to be 4 hours!! hahhahha. simply becoz we dont know about the 2hr-train *gosh* we reach Blue Mountain around noon. firstly, we purchase a

Tram Hop-On Hop-Off Ride

there was only 2 tram or bus hop-on hop-off rides available. we took the tram to have the old-time feel~~ this place is rather small but we enjoy it very much especially the

Echo Point

where its main attraction is here..

3 Sisters

from the Echo Point, we made our way for the

Scenic World

that gave us opportunity to have a feel of 4 different rides

Skyway, Cableway, Railway, Walkway


it was very fascinating to see those attractions using these rides!! we continue on our journey until dust before we headed back to the City. it was very very B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L during this time... *subhanallah*

when we arrived at the City, there was still plenty of time to catch the moment so we decided to have a closer feel of the

Sydney Opera House

yup!!! its indeed... a masterpiece~~ simply and truly the O.N.E. enjoy all pix peeps!~

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mama zharfan said...

breathtaking scenery!!

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