Monday, September 6, 2010

VACAY2010 : Day07_SydneyCityTour

earlier we planned to have our DAY SEVEN trip to Blue Mountain. since we are not ready with infos on how to travel overthere, we switch our plan to

Sydney City Tour

well.. Sydney City is not that big. i mean... if u want to travel from one interesting spot to another, you can either walk or hop onto local buses, trains or ferries. it would be the cheapest if you buy their daily passes rather than paying for each stations. we started with

Paddy's Market

or also known as Market City. its rather similar to Victoria Market in Melbourne. the difference.... price! *wink* paddy's offer slightly higher price than victoria's. well.. i guess becoz its a big city maybe~ we bought some souveniers here and continue walking passing thru

Sydney Entertainment Centre

towards Darling Harbour

this harbour is the next best place to hang around after Circular Quay harbour. it has so much to offer... chinese garden, tumbalong park, Sydney Aquarium, Maritime Museum, Harbourside Shopping Center and many more!! click here to view the map

qist was so excited when she saw a small playground at the tumbalong park. from here we took a ferry towards circular quay and continue on to the other side of harbour. we wanted to have a closer look of the Opera House. you may click at the pix for larger view

as maghrib approaching, we were very tired and opted to hang around in the city center mall waiting to break-fast. later on we continue our night walk. owh owh.. whereever i go, if i saw LV, straightaway i will remember a fren of mine..LV. yup!! u know who u are dollie~~


Sydney city is just lovely and interesting to be explored both during the day and night. for us, we love it during dust coz its the most beautiful time when nature and masterpiece blend together!!

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mama zharfan said...

the pics are all awesome!!

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