Thursday, September 23, 2010

planning for next short getaway & VACAY2011

am sooooooo into travelling peeps!! alhamdulillah it has been a great journey together and we are very much looking forward for our

short getaway & VACAY2011

i already have the destination for VACAY2011. told ku that if am not pregnant or my delivery due date sometime in june2011, maybe we can go during end of apr2011. sempat lagi.... ku answered simple & sweet "doa la tak sempat. vacay2011 will wait us" awww....... *melting*

but am still crawling around for our short getaway coming dec09. any suggestion peeps?? our target destination... domestic or asian country. thinking of

melaka - never been for a REAL getaway that includes all intereting places & shopping spots
langkawi - never ever been with ku even ku's kampong in jalan kuala kedah *gosh*

bangkok - teringinnnnnn shopping overthere!!!!! but the situation is quite unpredictable lah
phuket - maybe no-no kot coz our getaway gonna be in dec09 *takot tsunami*

bandung - yezzzaa.. shopping heaven rite?!
bali - ini pon same kes takot dgn phuket tp mahu pergi!! gi mana ya dong~

singapore - been there, done that during preggy my lil qist. but the universal studio seems calling *wink*

*thinking thinking thinking*


mama zharfan said...

no-no for indon :p

hana.basri said...

tulaa... ku pon dah pangkah! huhu

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