Tuesday, September 21, 2010

why i have NO blog post today?

 i planned to woke up at 4.30am as i usually did... I DID
i snoozed my alarm that makes me woke up 5 mins later... I DID
i woke up and sat for 5 mins... I DID
i slept again and woke up half hour later.. I DID


why lah i dont have any blog post today??

am just sleepy.. really sleepy
am just tired.. really tired
am just exhausted.. really exhausted
even after many hours of recovering my sleep
still... am just very very sleepy


i decided to sleep early tonite
i have prepared everything to sleep early


i opened my FB
"BIGGEST LOSER ASIA SEASON 2 PREMIERE - 9.00pm tonight on Diva Universal (Astro Ch. 702) !!!! ;D"

gosh.....~!!!! i almos forgot this!!! sorry for cant make it to ur premiere party tonite but i am surely will support u gurl~~~!!!


p/s: she a babe... so, watch out guys!! *wink*

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