Thursday, September 2, 2010

this was what happened...

salam hye peeps! really apologize for not updating the blog for 2 solid days. for peeps whom dropped by while am away, a BIG thank you to u ols for visiting~ hurm.. how should i start ya... lets make it short and sweet *wink*

i had an accident last monday that has effected my left eyes and nose. alhamdulillah.. syukur sgt2 that i hit the lamp post. otherwise, i already terjun parit besar behind it. syukur alhamdulillah that i didnt panic and could think what to do step-by-step. a BIG thank you to my


for making it to the scene and not to forget my


for tgkkan kanak-kanak riang ria at home while they are busy helping to settle my police report and car. as for me, it was dugaan that had came and for me to face it and understood the hikmah behind it.

owh ya... ku was not around and what makes me have to be even stronger was that..... to face it when ku cannot flew back using Monday chopper because that chopper had flew over its permits time on air *gosh* i was trying to be very very positive and keep on praying that Allah granted me with good health physically and mentally. alhamdulillah... everything went smoothly and my surgery was good. and now peeps.. am grounded with MC til raya *huhu* with sticthes on nose and bruised left eyes! well... i called this accident as

perfect cut

and brand new summer collection eye shadow. why??

perfect cut - coz the cut in the middle of my 2 nose holes is a perfect horizontal cut. have no idea how it happened! just forgot about it. huhu
new summer collection eye shadow - coz its a combination of maroon, dark gray and some touch of blue and black. very the eye-catching collection!

of course, its painful to know that i will raya with marks on nose! but what had happened should have hikmah behind it and like to know that being happy and positive will always makes me stand tall *wink*

keep smiling and have a faith on Allah.. always peeps! insyaAllah... we will survive



mama zharfan said...

get well soon yer hana..

hana.basri said...

thanx suzie~

durra abd razak @ kocikin... said...

moga cepat2 sembuh..Alhamdulillah, Nana selamat..wpun ada sedikit ur positive thinking...yeaahh...take care..n Salam Aidilfitri....

hana.basri said...

thanx k durra~~ me adore ur strength *wink*

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