Wednesday, September 22, 2010

VACAY2010 : Day09_TheRocksMarket.Departure

DAY NINE was our last day of vacay in Sydney. it marked our closing of VACAY2010. we still woke up early to do all packing before targetting to head to


its located at the opposite site of Sydney Opera House or to be specific.. near to the Harbour Bridge. its fun to stroll around here coz the stuff sold here.. its rather unique but still quite pricey. its not like our normal pasar malam but more like pasar seni

then we stroll along the harbour, snapped some of our last pix here.. *sad* huhu. we target to reach malaysia hall by 12pm coz we know it will be quite a walk from the hall to the bus 400 stop to airport.  however.... let me share you our rezeki here *wink*

after did all packing and ready to go, the was this one kind man whom offered us a ride to the airport. he dropped by malaysia hall to do his laundry. we was like "eh.. takpela.. menyusahkan u nnt. airport jauh". he said "takpala... hang org malaysia, aku pon sama, marila.. ni namanye rezeki" and yes indeed it was a rezeki for us! he sent us straight to the airport with his MPV. the funny thing was qist dont want to take the ride. she said "nanak..nanak.. nak walk" LOL. coz qist always afraid of strangers!

alhamdulillah we arrived airport safely and qist was very very happy with her brand new skirt bought at the DFO. alhamdulillah we met 2 young japanese girl in which we passed them our MyMulti pass for local transportation

our jetstar connected us to Melbourne before our flight back to Malaysia via Airasia


mama zharfan said...

comel sgt pic qis in that outfit!!! i like!

hana.basri said...

she love it suzie~! siap dance tak berhenti2.. that skirt teach her the meaning of being a princess *LOL*

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