Monday, September 27, 2010

october is coming..... any bell's ringing?

mine mine mine!!!! *HUGE smiley face* ghheeeeee..... everyday i will come across and drop by peep

Ferragamo Reversible Shearling Tote bag..... without fail!!

LV Monogram Idylle Speedy.... see the smile??

Tods G-Bag.... *melting*

dear fairy godmother... can u turn my ferragamo into wish list above? *i bet u can!!*


mama zharfan said...

ur bday present ker ni :)

hana.basri said...

i wish! LOL

SyidaGorjes said...

i opt for LV!
dulu i nak beli yang ni, but sizenya yang agak kecik utk i, so tak jadi.
but i will looks marvellous on u!

hana.basri said...

i love it coz its canvas~!! easy bitsy so dont have to focus too much on it *wonder if boleh masuk washing machine* LOL

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