Friday, October 15, 2010

awana.... the feeling just like H.O.M.E

remember my trip last week? going back to Awana Kijal Resort every other time.. i always have that feeling called H.O.M.E. i remember when i was posted here for 4 months while ku is in KL, staying in Awana is a memory that i cannot erased. its not the feeling of staying at the resort, but more or less like.... H.O.M.E. yes indeed.. Awana is like a home *wink*

i L.O.V.E it simply becoz its by the beach, has a tall building that i can overlook the open sea, swimming pool that vary from adult pool to playland pool.. not only that, they have a mini indoor activity room for kids, pingpong tabel, giant chess, water sport.... on top of that, they have traditional games, arranged visit to interesting places, GOLF GOLF GOLF....and last but not least, not to forget the Noor Arfa Batik!! *wink wink*

the only setback about Awana for me is the food. hehehehe.. coz their breakfast is SIMILAR very other day. and thats the only reason why i put breakfast out of my room bills for that 4 months! but everytime we visited the resort, its just a compliment. the room is ok-ok. not much complaint

i still remember these 2 reception girls...... lini, the chinese girl that always giv a BIG smile and always received employee of the month award but now resigned and move to sunway hotel..... aida, the malay girl whom to be closed to lini, always give big smile and very very sopan santun. owh u still call me cik hana kan?~~ hehehehe *wink*

if u asked me, i would recommend Awana Kijal for your rejuvenating getaway for family!! u gonna L.O.V.E the environment.. just make sure its now december that u would pick coz its gonna be a raining season~~!!


sery said...

Agree wif u nana,awana da best!! my family pun suka kalo gi ctu very enjoy..

hana.basri said...

the environment best kan~~ *wink* very laid back, no hassle, relaxing!

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