Wednesday, July 21, 2010

my lil qist... the NEW days

the NEW days

it was a sunday afternoon when i was ironing ku's working shirt for the next day, i felt so lenguh pinggang... "agaknye sbb gosok baju duduk kot.." well.. actually baru je sehelai baju!! LOL

later that night went out for a dinner that lenguh pinggang feeling come & go. when it come, i felt like nk baring and lupekan je rasa lenguh pinggang tu. u know when u have that lenguh pinggang when u r working very very hard and up to a point u feel like nak rest je.. yup! its the same feeling. being me yg sangat fear to pain, i assume it was ok. so bile lenguh arrived, i was like keras tak bergerak. hoho. 

continue at home, while watching gangstarz *go go one nation emcee!!*, i asked ku to time my lenguh pinggang. alamak... it was every 10mins. ku asked "tanak pegi hospital ke?" and i was like "erm.. ok je la... takde pape" me still in denial

ready to sleep, i called my along to ask her opinion. simple.. she said "pegi jela hospital". alamak... takpela~~  i took a shower first. between my shower, that lenguh pinggang struck again!! i rapatkan badan ke dinding and tahan je sakit tu everytime it came by... hoho~~ still in denial lagi nih. then solat isya, ku asked again "nak pegi hospital tak?" me answered "takyah...ok lagi.." isk.. doesnt make sense btol aku nih!! so ku change into and ready to sleep. after prayer, i went to toilet and there was a brown SPOTTING!!! erkkk........ takleh deny lagey nih!! 

"erm..jom la pegi hospital" with muka selamba senyum
ku was like "laa... tadi beriya tanak pegi"
"dah ada spotting la pulak"
"jom siap"

hehehe... mr ku ni mmg super cool!! so takdela kene hangen kan~~ that lenguh stil come & go but more frequent!! sampai je at the hospital, it struck 5x more stronger~~ i jerit "abg cepat cepat!!" hahahha. kelam kabut ku berlari amik i. well... actally nk rasa pamper je... LOL. the hospital attendance asked i nk wheel chair tak. chewah... dgn berlagak i said "takpela.. saya nk jalan" bukan main lagey.... why kan? sbb i feel that jalan lagi senang and cepat kot. kalau wheel chair ni kene tgu org tolak kite. hahahhah

my gyne check and it was 4cm opening!!! masyaAllah... tu la in denial sgt~~ so i asked for epidural *iye.. saya mengaku fear to pain* sempatla my parents came by hanta air doa. i asked papa & mama to go back dulu sbb lama lagi nih...... and alhamdulillah.... my process to deliver lil qist was smooth and very fast. 12.30am induced and 3.22am delivered. syukur alhamdulillah.... it was easy and it was fast. tapi satu part je.... i forget how to push!!! LOL. terpaksa la puan gyne and en ku menolong ajar crash course kat situ~~~ so mommies... dont u ever forget the lesson told in the class yea~~

so my lil qist arrived safely at 3.22am, 2.65kg, cool and not crying out loud. i was like "eh nape tak cry cam baby sbelah doc?" doc smiled "yela.. every baby pon ada character sendiri"



mama zharfan said...

me enjoy baca story tak amik epidural for both deliveries :) sakit memang sakit, tp lps dh selamat deliver lupa jer segala sakit2 tu :)

tiefazatie said...

menariknye cte sis...=)

hana.basri said...

thanx girls~~

tiefazatie said...

welcome2..pandai la sis bercerita..sgt menarik..sesius..=D

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