Thursday, July 22, 2010

my lil qist... the CELEBRATION night


my lil qist... the 1 year old celebration.. ku is not around.. off in middle of the ocean
my lil qist.. the 2 year old celebration..ku still not around.. outstation

happy bday princess qist 


haa.. colourful fan ni beli kat petronas near our home. ingat qist nk beli balloon.. skali dia cakap "eh.. cannot" huh? am so confuse! but seriously qist dont go for the balloon.. i decided to celebrate at secret receipe as they have choices of cake that qist can choose. off we go!!

our VIP for the night

athok said.. "alahai.. duduk kat ketiak athok jugak.." erk~ LOL. it was a small celebration for my lil qist. let see whos who the attendees...


thanx athok & nenek for making my lil qist BIG day tonight!! 

thanx to ku @ papa for keep on calling tak henti-henti *XOXO*

yeah.. i know.. ok ok...

to along in qatar : thanx for the wishes
to uyie in SA : thanx for keep on remember all bday
to pidin in germany : thanx for ur wishes & "expectation"
to mito in japan : thanx for the wish! haa... bile hadiah nak sampai nih??
to amat in SA : ayooo... lupe ke?? namun hatimu mesti terima kasih kerana mengingati!!
to ila in SSP : takpe dimaafkan...

ok back to the celebration night.. qist choose to have this cake while calling it happy bday, not cake!! hahaha. semangat my lil qist tiup lilin yg coet tu

i think this is the first time she eat her own chosen cake!! n this cake is delicious. i took this healthy cake by SC. its their blueberry cream cake. yes yummy & yummm yummmm

makan nye tak seberape bday girl ni... main je lebih after that~~ mula-mula nenek ok je... 

bile dah naik sampai bersemangat, ape lagey~~ 


a small note for my lil qist

"you are such a wonderful baby girl for us.. it is very very easy to handle you around. thanx Allah for this precious gift for us. may you grow up to be the best, may your future will be bright, may you always believe in Allah, may you be my lil qist yg solehah"


* amin *


tiefazatie said...

alala...cumil la lil qist..=)...blueberry cake by SR memang best sis! mum suke..

fied said...

happy bday qist..smoga jd anak yg solehah n membesar bagai johan,jgn mcm mama awak tue x besar2..wakakakaka

mama zharfan said...

happy 2nd bday cutie qist!!! wah, ur siblings/family members are all abroad!! that's great :)

hana.basri said...

tiefa : thanx tiefa. aah yummy!

fied : ala fied.. tanak la jadi cam johan tu..!! hoho

mamazharfan : thanx suzie!

tiefazatie said...

ur welcome sis...sis bg ape kt lil qist as her birthday present???hihi

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