Friday, October 29, 2010

aren't they adorable???? lets V.O.T.E!!

hye peeps~~!!! its friday & am sure all of you are looking forward for this weekend rite?? me too!! huhu. so before we leave for our wonderful weekend........ nak mintak tolong u ols to V.O.T.E for these 2 adorable kids........ pllssshhhhhhh!!!!! there are sooo adorable~~~~ and there are my cousin's sons!! seriously.... i tell you.... dorang dua ni mmg sangat sangat sangat comeiiiiiiiiiii in real world!! if u ols tgk dorang, surely u ols nak hug sangat2~~~ there are sooooo huggable!! its for Gaya Anakku Majalah PA&MA.
lets V.O.T.E for

 Muhammad Farid Aqashah
click here

and his cute little baby brother

Muhammad Fiqri Aqashah
click here

comeeeeeiiiiii kan????? hope they have made ur day today~~
  V.O.T.E ramai2 tau.... *wink*

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