Monday, October 18, 2010

why we need exfoliation for healthy skin?

not many people does this routine especially whom did this weekly. exfoliation if very critical in order to improve our skin condition. exfoliation is referred to a technique that removes cells from the skin surface. the more consistent we do this, the rate of dead cells is reduced.. thus maintain a healthier and glowing skin. you may exfoliate your skin using many techniques. the target is to avoid dull, ashy or mottled looking skin. you know that teenagers regenerate their skin way faster than us?? its around average 14 days. but when we are reaching 40s, thats when our regenerating rate reduce to even 30-40 days!! many many type of exfoliation in the market.. masque type, scrub style etc

how to determine best exfoliation for your skin?

acne-prone skin

a masque style is best to help the skin combat extra oileness and congestion without make ur acne worst

dehyrated skin

a masque style or scrub style would be able to help remove the dry, dead debris and reveal healthy cells

prematurely aging skin

physical exfoliant will help to remove ur dead skin cells

uneven pigmentation

powder type or scrub style is just a good way to exfoliate your skin

the bottom line is... make sure ur skin is well treated after exfoliating coz there is no way ur skin could improve itself!! *wink* use of masque, moisterise, serum etc could exactly improve ur skin for a young & healthy looking skin


source : wiki, dermalogica, SK-II

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