Thursday, October 14, 2010

why i L.O.V.E. travelling?

those days when people asked about my hobby, i would say jogging, cooking, travelling, shopping. but when i started to travel abroad, i noticed that i L.O.V.E travelling more than anything else. of course some of us may say *mmgla.. sape tak suka pegi oversea* or maybe *budget kene tinggi maa* or even maybe *tak berani la travel abroad*...when we started our journey every year, we were in the same thot and perception. i always in the feeling that travel abroad is expensive, only rich people can go, kalau sesat nanti camne and blablabla.

how we started?

as compared to ku, i never went abroad until i was in the uni. tu pon pegi singapore jeee..... huhu. naik train je la pulak tu~! so mmg the feeling of naik airplane is jakun for me at that time. after marriage, we started with sabah. flying with MAS package at that time, we felt it was the safest journey not until we discover... it is way tooo expensive!! LOL *what la~!!*

why we started?

i noticed that thru travelling we could always learn about others, not to focus too much on the interesting places, but rather  learning new things, appreciating their culture, woooowwwing their masterpieces and bottom line is.... realising theAlmighthy creation *subhanallah* no wonder lah why my dad loves history so much!! LOL

what was the first destination?

we pick beijing as the first place when we decided to have a yearly overseas trip. why beijing? we took travel agent package somemore~!! huhu. sbb nabi kata "belajar lah kamu sampai ke negara china" so we was like.. "why not try beijing kan~" first experience always the greatest. and that was also our first learning curve.... self travelling is more fun than following travel agent packages.

why self travelling?

of course self travelling requires more prep time rather than hop on to the travel agent. but self travelling have a lot to offer.. save cost, more understanding about the places, more appreciation, more hectic *LOL* and most important... more adventure!! never expect the unexpected peeps~~~ *wink*

how to start?

start with domestic first, understand the tips & tricks, then only start your oversea trip
always budget comes first!! plan according to your budget
airlines search the bottom most important as it will make your overall expenses even lower
study, research and understand about the place expecially the safety part
keep emergency contact no in your list e.g. embassy, nearest hospital, police blablabla
must have extra cash and credit card should there be an unexpected
*dont want to be like the Terminal peeps!!*
last but least.. the most important is plan ahead.. wellllllll ahead to avoid dissapointment *wink*

my tips... once you started, you are going to L.O.V.E it~~~ trust me!!! its gonna be addicted!

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