Friday, October 22, 2010

you have heard miracle water... but MIRACLE DRINK?

miracle miracle miracle... everyone just L.O.V.E to use it~ always relate it to the mystic world *wink*i received an email from my cousin yesterday about this


1 potato + 1 carrot + 1 apple
Wash, cut with the skin, blend, drink 


what does it do?
1. Prevent cancer cells to develop. It will restrain cancer cells to grow.
2. Prevent liver, kidney, pancreas decease and it can cure ulcer as well.
3. Strengthen the lung, prevent heart attack and high blood pressure.
4. Strengthen the immune system
5. Good for the eyesight, eliminate red and tired eyes or dry eyes
6. Help to eliminate pain from physical training, muscle ache
7. Detoxify, assist bowel movement, eliminate constipation. Therefore it will make skin healthy & LOOK more radiant. It is God sent for acne problem.
8. Improve bad breath due to indigestion, throat infection,
9. Lessen menstrual pain
10. Assist Hay Fever Sufferer from Hay Fever attack.

when to drink?

first thing in the morning with empty stomach. or twice a day for fast result

happy trying peeps!


yayaheska said...

ko dh cube ke? aku nak cuba tp memikirkan potato tu.. wutahelll

hana.basri said...

owh....haruuuuuuuuussslah BLOM! LOL~~ ingat nk try weekend ni. i think it should be sweet potato lah! :P

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