Thursday, October 14, 2010

the things that makes a mineral makeup...... questionable!!

i always been a fan of good & healthy products in my journey to age gracefully~ be it natural beauty tips, supplements, food tips and that includes.... makeup *wink* we all knew for the fact that current best selling makeup available on the shelf, over the counter, experts recommendation blablabla is way more than harmful for our skin. but we woman.... never bother! hehehhehehhehe *typical!* when mineral makeup was introdued and claims for many healthy reason for skin, some of us started to change for good.

does mineral makeup really good?

mineral makeup is claim kind to our skin simply because it has a natural ingredient that would bind with the skin as compared to the normal makeup that create a layer on top of the skin. while mineral makeup consist of titanium oxide, zinc oxide, mica etc, these minerals helps our skin in many ways.. sun protection, natural glow, soothing effect and the list goes on. its very suitable especially for sensitive skin that would react against normal makeup. the additonal ingredient that normal makeup carries is the harmful bismuth oxychloride.

can it protect against sun?

the answer.. yes it can. BUT... a big BUT!! it only carry a min sun screen protection.. around 15 SPF only. thus experts has been advice to use a sun screen prior applying the makeup. owh..remember this? mr sun is one of the greatest agent of premature aging ya~!

can it clog pores?

as mineral makeup is made to be non-comedogenic, its definitely wont clog your lovely pores as compared to the normal makeup that obviously be harsh to the skin

how long will it last?

the shelf life for normal makeup is up to 6 months approximately. while there are companies that claims they have no expiry date for the mineral makeup, general outline says it could last for about 2-3 years.

precaution!! precaution!!

while mineral makeup got their fans, dont forget they do have critics... while mineral makeup is known as the purest form of makeup, this is the myth.... not ALL are pure especially when they are combine with other preservative, filler, colour etc that may create the irritating effect. some companies use the term natural mineral but use more of other chemicals. so ladies.. caution caution!! think before you buy, check the labels before you walk away.


Mama Zharfan said...

all make up pun kena guna with caution kan

hana.basri said...

betul3~ nama pon make up... caution is the key :)

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