Monday, October 4, 2010

the power of KIWI that you never me!!

as yesterday i had my facial treatment @ aster spring, ive started my treatment program that i have sign up earlier. meeting my beautician is the only thing that i am looking forward in every appointment. why? i love to discover and uncover things that i didnt know about my skin.. and the best part is that, asking beauty tips *of course* from those pretty ladies.

i always knew that i have a skin hydration issue. its not that i have a bad, dry skin.. its in the inside. when my beautician analyse my skin using the UV machine, they can see more than the visible.... the can see the underneath of the face~!! believe me peeps~~ my beautician told me that my outside skin is good and she can tell that my hydration is great. but what makes me realised that... i dont have a very good ability to retain water/moisture. 

TIPS 1 : moisture retention

when people told you to drink a LOT of water every day, thats mean a min 8 glasses per day. but when we have taken it, we are so confident that the water level is enough and perfect for our skin. but WAIT!!!! how many of you that drink a LOT of water every day and have it drain out a LOT every other time taking it? raise up your hand ladies~!! *me me* my beautician said that its our bladder strength that makes us go to the toilet like.. always! when you dont have a strong bladder, this means your ability to retain moisture is not as good as those people that drink a LOT of water and yet very seldom go to the toilet. seriously???? *shut up!* LOL

TIPS 2 : kiwi.. the uncovered!

owh yeah.... after the tips no 1 above, my beautician suggested to take fruits daily especially...... KIWI. why kiwi? this is the power of kiwi that you never knew.... kiwi is ranked as the excellent source of vitamin C!! and not only that, it has a very very high content of antioxidant that is awesome for beauty and skin. it is not only soluble in water but also in the fat~! what does it mean.....? it could easily improve and increase your body function and of course, your valuable health *wink* when my beautician told me this, its hard for me to believe it coz we never heard about this lil green prince story. and yup! i did some research about it and no question asked~~ will grab some at the supermarket today (^_^) read more on this little gem

kiwi benefit @
gold kiwi @ wikipedia

btw, my beautician do mentioned specifically... gold kiwi is good for your hydration *wink*

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