Thursday, October 7, 2010

a weekend by the beach

last week we went to Duta Village Beach Resort @ Kuantan. ku had his office Raya Gathering here.since most of the attendees are from Kerteh, the event was held on fri & sat. huhu.. yup yup~!! thats mean we arrived there quite late since KL had a traffice jam *as always!* on fri afternoon. it took us like 4 hours to reach kuantan vs a normal 2.5hours *LOL* no worries~ our journey must goes on rite.... *wink*

after a late dinner @ 10pm.. owh owh the lamb grill & black pepper sauce are superb!! thanx for the tokeh kambing ya~ we checked in to our room. weve booked a standard room since we knew that we are not going to stay for only a night *many many open house maa~~* the room.. overall.... OK-OK. the only setback was the carpet put a significant smell that ku thot it was qist's diapers! LOL. i think its normal for those resort that sat near to the beach and not properly maintain... they have of course many other selection of rooms. you may view it here

early next morning we headed to the beach and pool *of course!* the beach is good... quite clean and well kept. but qist was more interested to the pool. as we dont planned to have her soak into the pool *time constraint*, she was faster than us!! huhu. layanzzzzz~~~

overall, for us, duta village is good for your weekend getaway *wink*

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mama zharfan said...

lama dh me tak pegi mandi pool :)

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