Wednesday, October 13, 2010

premature aging?? owh... NO!!!

obviously this is the utmost feeling that every other woman will have~ no one wants to be aged.. opps correction! no one wants to aged before the time come, before we expected it, before we even realise it.

natural aging vs premature aging

while natural aging is always related to our genetics that results in the complex hormonal and physical transformations, premature aging on the other hand is an unnatural accelaration of the natural aging process.. primarily due to damage from sun exposure and of course, unhealthy lifestyle

is it really happening?

owh yess...!!! our wrinkles is 99% developed by the cause of sun exposure. to make it worst, premature aging can add up to 20 years to our appearance~~~ sounds harsh?? *owh no my beach outing!*

how to avoid it?

when sun is the reason for this, never forget your sun screen ladies *wink*
lifestyle lifestyle lifestyle... a good fren of mine told me that never change your lifestyle drastically coz it will effect our system and make us prone to sickness. so...... change it staggaredly, slowly, effectively! the most important people.. a LOT of water, fruits and vegetables will definitely help if you cant have it all, do consider relevant supplement~

all the best peeps!

source : dermalogica

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