Monday, October 25, 2010

world's most romantic island..... its turquoise blue people!!

you know how much i L.O.V.E beaches and open sea rite?? browsing thru the web with a hope that i found a getaway place for this december until i keyed into google...

tadaaa~~~~ there it was a long list of recommended islands *WOW* seriously irresistible!!!! since my december trip should be within ASIA only *yeah.... after VACAY2010 Melbourne-Sydney* so my list came down to  places only from the above loooooong list~

Pangkor Laut 

"A 300-acre sprawl of jungle, sheltered coves, and pristine beachfront off the west coast of Malaysia, this single-island resort is the province of spotlight-shy celebrities and sybarites alike. The resort itself comprises private estates and spacious peak-roofed bungalows linked by wooden pathways above a gorgeous blue-green sea studded with rocky outcrops. Luxurious indolence is the name of the game here, but love-struck adventurers can also follow more rugged pursuits like jungle trekking and kayaking."

yeah i know its such a beautiful heaven, one of a kind in malaysia.... but i prefer the beach & turquoise water more~~ *like Redang Island*

Racha Yai, Thailand

"Located southeast of Phuket, this small island is a far cry from the mob scene that characterizes the better-known islands of southern Thailand. Avoid the Phuket day trippers, who tend to congregate around the main beach of Ao Tawan Tok, and head to secluded Siam Beach, where you’ll find crystal-clear turquoise waters and gorgeous views back to Phuket. After a hard day of snorkeling or diving, repair to one of the beachside bungalow-style restaurants for pad thai and beer as you watch the sun set."
oouuuuu....... N.I.C.E~~ can you see those turquoise blue water?? the relaxing beach.. secluded.. private... this means not many tourist and its gonna be a great getaway place to be!!!!!!!!

lets check out the flight & accommodation. hope i could find the best bargain~~~ am sooooooo cant stop smiling


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