Monday, October 18, 2010

sailing in LANGKAWI... which one??

this december would be just great to have our next getaway. am not sure where to yet but Langkawi is in our short list~! am looking forward to have a one of a kind getaway.. not only just cablce car, makam mahsuri, underwaterworld blablabla. we knew that we are soooo into open sea, as far as the eys could reach~ am thinking about S.A.I.L.I.N.G in Langkawi~!! sounds interesting?? *ok not "that" sailing yeeeeee* tripadvisor has always been a great guide for our vacay. searching & looking & finding brought me to few types of cruise & activities of sailing~ what i knew is that... i want to have SUNSET CRUISE in the list!! *caution ku~~ heheeee*

RAMPANT sailing

its the first one popped out in the tripadvisor list. reading thru the review & the website makes me want to try this sail. of course they have a sunset cruise, jacuzzi net etc. the things that attract me to this company is that they are using a Catamaran sailboat~~ owhhh yes.... the feeling of having a ride using catamaran is... PERFECT for romantic sailing!!!! what is catamaran? its a sailboat with 2 "legs" *wink*

YACHT sailing

this yacht attracts me because they have more sitting space and for the fact that its yacht, the experience would be just GREAT~! this company do have a catamaran but thats not what i am looking for. the best part about this company is that they operates under Malaysia Charter Licence and is fully insured. this means all guest is fully insured on yacht and on land. wowww~~~ that is SUPERB man~!

earlier i have another company that attracted me but i guess i have to cancel it after a review about how this company handle a small kids onboard. it is part of my criteria peeps~!!

so which one should i go for??


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