Tuesday, October 26, 2010

GOOD NEWS for taxi services KLCC.. check out!!

for those whos working at klcc must be bored and tired with those "teksi sapu" that has made the traffic around the two towers bad and very slow. thank you for the NEW taxi management by KLCC Urusharta.

effective 25 October 2010, only taxis that are registered with “Taxiservices” are allowed to pick up passengers at the following taxi counters at Suria KLCC :

Isetan Entrance
at the side entrance of Isetan

Ampang Entrance
in between Coach and Burberry  

Ramlee Entrance
in between LV and *i cant remember... Tiffany & Co?* huhu

With this new system, there shall be no other pick up points allowed and should you require a taxi, you need to go to the taxi counter at any of the three (3) pick up points (identified as C below), pay a surcharge of RM2.00 and pay the fare based on the meter reading when you reach your destination. If you wish to phone for a taxi service or hail a taxi on your own, you may do so and wait for the taxi by the main road on Jalan Ampang.

It is hoped that this new taxi management system will help reduce the traffic congestion along Persiaran PETRONAS, especially during peak hours.

~ info by Tenant Care, KLCC Urusharta ~
all pix googled, courtesy to owner

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