Tuesday, October 19, 2010

eat according to your BLOOD type.. dare?!

yesterday a good fren of mine gave me a book to read. gossshhhh i cant remember the title~~ *me dont read books u ols* its a guide on eating according to our BLOOD TYPE. its interesting tho knowing about bloog revolution and how does AB is newly born from the father mother A and B blablablabla. seriously i havent start to read this book~ hohoho *sorry syakirah* i browse thru the books and it makes me freaking scared and questioning the book!! LOLx100. the things that is not advisable aka have to avoid is mainly things that i L.O.V.E to eat!!!!!!!! arrrrgghhhh... its so stressful to read about those thing :( lets share a summary about

what is YOUR TYPE?

Type A

should basically stick to fruits and vegetables (high carbs / low fat). they have thicker blood than other blood types, a sensitive immune system, and should not consume dairy products, animal fats and meats. They are at a heightened risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

Type B

should consume a balanced diet (fruits and vegetables, grains, fish, dairy, meat, but avoid chicken). They have the best chance of bypassing or overcoming everyday types of diseases, including heart disease and cancer.

Type AB

should consume a mostly vegetarian diet, and only on rare occasions some fish, meat (no chicken), and dairy.

Type O

should basically stick to a high protein diet (including red meat), low carbs, and enriched with fruits and vegetables. They should limit the intake of wheat germ, whole wheat products, corn, and avoid dairy products and most nuts. Commonly affected with hypothyroidism, high stomach acid (leading to ulcers), and thinner blood with greater resistance to blood clotting.

if i would suggest, its best to have the book. its "Eat Right For Your Type" btw. heheheheeee. coz in the book has a list of highly beneficial food for your type and what should be avoid. youll be amazed how much "to avoid" food that you have been consuming everyday!!

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