Tuesday, June 8, 2010

facial spa @ aster spring

i used to do my facial with SK-II since 5 years ago. but somehow, i feel like switching to others that is nearer to my home since i pregnant and delivered qist. simply becoz i dont have to come back home late and fetch qist whenever ku is not around. even he is, i tried my best to fill most of my time at home. i have tried a facial spa at az-zaharah woman wellness center but im not suitable with the product used. i dont go for facial spa that uses product from indonesia  coz i couldnt stand the smell *i once tried their foot spa* after long search.... thanx my dear zal for advising me aster spring. i have no idea it was near here. its actually a franchisee own by dermalogica.

so here i go booking a slot last friday since our company is on hols. environment wise, aster spring here is not like any other spa. it is very basic and does not have much a spa look like luxury spa with all those candle, aroma and music. it has lockers, a changing room, a washroom and 4 treatment units. 

the normal routine of facial spa started with cleaning up your face, scrubbing/exfoliating, steaming, extracting, masking and massaging. so i started to find what are things that is different with sk-ii. for me, here are the difference that i discovered so far

1) a booklet of facial spa treatment offered according to beautician advice after analysing your face. it ranges from teen facial spa up to gamma ray vs. 4 types of facial spa by sk-ii

2) usage of cleansing brush during the cleaning stage. this is applicable for my facial selected

3) beauty equipments *e.g. cleansing brush, oxygen air spray, paraffin wax quench cooling etc* used are more as compared to sk-ii

4) massage is more firm and longer as compared to sk-ii

the best part is that aster spring has an offer for taking more sessions for facial spa where sk-ii once offered lately when they are revising the price. i sign-up for rm1650 facial spa session with rm1800 worth of facial spa & rm500 worth of product. even better they gave me free worth rm400 4x eye treatment. what does it means? 

you save rm650 for paying all this
those facial spa could range from the very basic up to the most expensive
for product, enjoy 5% off of the product price accumulating up to rm500
free rm400 worth of eye treatment 4x

sounds interesting? call up my beautician now (che ah) and tell her that hana basri is recommending. u will get a good offer peeps!!


SyidaMislan said...

i pernah try once using dermalogica but it seems tak bape best at that particular outlet yg kat klang tu.nasib baik kulit muka ni dah macam kulit buaya, pakai papepun takde perasaan...heehe

hana.basri said...

owh ya~~? tak maintain standard ni! hoho.

luxury spas said...

Facial spa @ aster spring a sanctuary of serenity with massage and day spas, whirlpools and treatment studios for beauty.


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