Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the sweet & gorgeous chef

gotta think of a name here? of course.... not me!! *wink* hahahhaha

i L.O.V.E to watch AFC and travel & Living channel. this sweet & gorgeous chef is no other than

nigella lawson

her selection of recipe that i am into is mainly gotta do with sugar!! yes nigella do have more than just a sugary recipe but i guess her's most interesting recipe is sweet & sugary *wink*

uoooo... its just melting babe~!! nigella bites is among celebrity cooking show that i adore~ u go girl!!

owh i love her way of cooking... fast & fun!

*source : nigella.com


mama zharfan said...

mkn sikit2 once in a while ok kan :) bukan boleh mkn2 byk2 pun all these sweet dessert sbb akan rasa muak :p

hana.basri said...

aah.. kalau mkn byk skali nnt rasa bersalah n trus puasa esoknye!! hahha


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