Saturday, August 21, 2010

budak kotak

today was a looooong day for me! huhu. and dont have much time to bring my lil qist to the playground. normally weekend we will find time to bring her outside. tadi after isya je baru go out and have dinnner outside. my lil qist sgt sangap ddk rumah sampai tak tau nk buat ape dah dgn all toys and #613 disney. while we were very busy at the kitchen baking, qist invented her new playground at home.. besides this, the new invention of

budak kotak

huhu.... sian la anak aku main dlm kotak je~~ sgt seronok even she told us its her car!! LOL. its our cookies box yg dah empty after delivered. owh.. she also got a new fren...
mr cat!!

yes ila~~ its urs! its ur cat in the room. hohoho... kasi pinjam la kat budak kotak tu jap ye~~


mama zharfan said...

may be boleh beli play tent or play house for qist (kalau tak beli lg ler) lil ariff pun suka duduk dlm kotak plastik (toy box) and duduk bwh meja..(play tent, play tunnel) semua ada kat umah kat membazir plak kalau me nak beli lg kat cni :p

hana.basri said...

thanx for suggestion suzie. got play tent at home but ddk kejap2 je~ huhu. kotak much fun kot :P new stuff!

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