Monday, August 2, 2010

tips for a long distance relationship

there was once my office mate who is getting married soon. well... am not an expert here but i could share some tips that i practice since then.

tips for a long distance relationship (LDR)

this is the most inportant key to ensure strong LDR. whatever happen, you must give 100% trust on your ur hubby. LDR could weaken if trust is not the main game here. altho i admit sometimes, once a while women tend to be jealous on certain in fact small thing, communication must then plays a greater role

this is very critical so that both party understood what it takes to undertake LDR. yes of course LDR is not easy bitsy and the longer it is, the more it create frustation and dissapointment. so, communicate, tal to your hubby on stuff that you have been missing, things that you are waiting and most important, how would you feels. and dont forget to be a good listener as well!

keep busy
being separated and away from hubby tend to make you cry even more!! yes i experience this *wink* even i drove early in the morning to work and hear the zikir or song that ku always played when we went to work together before, makes me cried all the way to work!! after a year than only i realised i need something else to keep moving. i used to see others life is more interesting and i like to read their blog. but when i started blogging, i realised that my life is even more interesting!! hahahaha. altho i know that to be a true bloggers makes you sleep less, but i guess i enjoy every second of it so far *BIG smile!!*

find time together
when you are back together, plan for something to do together. plan for a getaway, a holiday or as simple as a special dinner or watch movie. there no need to do all those fancy thingy just to keep both of you together. so plan wisely!

be strong
being in LDR will teach you soo many things in life. it makes you appreciate your hubby even more, it makes you realise that time is very crucial when they are around, it teach you the real meaning of "missing you", it teach you what is marriage all about and it simply teach you soo many other things! so be strong to face it coz you are the only one who have to manage it and can manage it well~ keep you friens, family and children around to accompany you. dont focus too much on sadness but look forward for the time to end. the stronger you are, the shorter the time will be

i know its hard, i know its painful, i know how it feels. you are not alone peeps! keep on blogging and keep believing~


tiefazatie said...

nice sis..=D

mama zharfan said...

thanks for the tips!!
me pernah rasa LDR for 6 months masa me dtg UK alone (2007-2008)...memang cinta bertambah2 mekar-->then dpt baby phd tu :p phd belum abis tp baby yg kuar dulu heheheh :p

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