Wednesday, August 4, 2010

best deal korea

the moment i know that AirAsia is flying to KOREA..........


am so-thrill-that-i-just-cant-stop-thinking-about-it. LOL~ owh.. am not a fan of winter sonata, nor a fan of korean movie/drama and not even going to korea for VACAY 2010 *wink* what i love about korea?

the blooming sakura
isnt it pretty?? or shall i say... *speechless*

the snow
this makes korea even prettier and *speechless*

the romantic side of korea
yeah.. korea is always relates to romantic movie and drama. i bet there must be the best spots here~

the fashion
owh.. this one... is simply great!! so cute looking at the pretty blouse on the pretty lady! *wink*

are you UP to korea peeps??


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