Thursday, August 26, 2010

make time for yourself daily

yesterday was rachael ray bday. happy bday sweet-happy-go-lucky rachael!!! i came across an article in her website mentioning about

make time for yourself daily

yes indeed its very very true that we woman tend to forget to make our own time esp when u are married and have kids. our time mainly focus for them and by the time we realise that we forget ours, we are too tired and ready to sleep. for me, make time for ourselves is very important to maintain good life balance and emotionally healthy.

i learnt to make my own time when ku started to work offshore. its not becoz when ku was stationed here i was soo busy juggling housework and family but rather i realise that i need something to catch and do daily that makes me feel happier~ that was when i started this blog and mamakuQis! *wink*

for us mommies, make time for ourselves doesnt mean that u have to be isolated from your lil cute creatures but for me it define more as find things that u love to do daily besides housework and kids.

if u feel like make ur time means reading, read and relax well.
if you feel like FB is ur definition of make time, go & check it out!
if u feel like hot bath tub is just perfect, get ready to soak in
if you feel like reading my blog is ur time, my pleasure to welcome you daily peeps~

so bottom line is that, find time and make time for urself daily to maintain ur level of happiness and life balance!

L.O.V.E ur family but dont forget to L.O.V.E urself too


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