Sunday, August 8, 2010

VACAY2010 : day02_europcar.otw to Ballarat

yesterday we went out at 8.30am. planned to go out earlier tapi bangon lambat!! nak prepare food for takeaways lagey... huhu. we walk to europcar outlet at st kilda road. its quite a distance.. 1.1km but we dont feel tired at al!! thats the beauty of morning walk during cold weather.

reach europcar and ready for pick-up when the lady told us that their GPS gone for service sbb rosak!! ape kes???? ku negotiated to have it and willing to take it at their other branch.

 after some phone calls and checking here & there, they asked us to take it from city branch. dugaan btul!! they gave us a bigger car to compensate. hokeh la tu kak~ huhu. off we go to get the GPS and drive all the way to

sovereign hill, ballarat

we dropped by at the gas station to catch some munchies munchies and drinks. i kidnap sket their black pepper and salt!! huhu. me & pepper is like a twin sister u ols~~

the scenary along the way is spectacular with the cloud bulat2 montok. ku asked me "tau tak nape awan dia bentuk camtu?" huh... manala saya tau bang~~ "sbb awan tu sejuk so dia peluk badan dia dgn kaki and tangan ke dalam!" eh.... ape kah??

will catch u later with updates on sovereign hills~


tiefazatie said...

wah!!!sgt cantik sis...=)

mama zharfan said...

lovely pics!!! can't wait to read ur next entry :)

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