Friday, August 6, 2010

VACAY 2010 : cold winter.VMarket.MH

alhamdulillah.. the 7hour++ journey was very good. we landed at around 8.30 am aussie *6.30am msia* qist slept soundly while me & ku asyik2 jaga :P huhu. yela... tido duduk + excited nih! the landing by captain chandra was good as well.

as we arrived, of course we need to declare our food coz we do bring along baby food + other foods as well. alhamdulillah... our imigration staff was not strict but friendly *wink* so lepas lah sume food without opening our bags!! we estimated that the temp would be somewhere.... 15-17degC. when the captain announce.... "the local temperature now is 7degC" mak ai!! thats too cold~~ erk.. we dont prepare ourselves for that cold! well i guess... must do some shopping here then! *alasan~~*

we bought skybus ticket from the red box outside the airport as they give a better price as compared to tourist info counter inside. we bought return ticket for 2 adults at AUD26 per person. right in front of the red box was our skybus. woooww.... the driver pon friendly!! owh yeah.. the driver penah duduk kuching 35 years! believe it or not?? our journey to the city was short.. 20 mins approx. we stopped at the southern cross station, spencer street.

aimed for queen victoria market, we hopped in the tram staight to the elizabeth st and changed tram to VMarket. yes indeed with our 2 bags and qist's stoller plus 2 backpack lagey.. we redah the VMarket. hohoho.. mmg sangatlah tak sesuai nok~~ nk buat camane... malaysia hall bleh check in after 2pm je

entering the VMarket, wallah~~ berpinau mata ku. sooo many things to browse with soooo little time. there was selections of clothes, souveniers, kids toy and the other part are butcher, fishmonger, vege etc. almost 2 hours browsing around, we finally get a good catch of souvenier despite qist yg dah kesejokkan & menangis-nangis nak beli toys~!! owh btw.. yes i beli souvenier on my first day here!! LOL. coz nnt tak sempat dah nak drop by VMarket. at 1.30pm, we started to leave and buy some vege and wooosh! headed to MH

its pretty cool actually coz the town and the MH is not that far~~ by tram of course! our arrival at MH is well greeted by the warden.. the room.. yeah its a student room with 2 beds, 2 study tables, 2 wardrobes. its good tho.. am just fine here *wink* after having our lunch and ku + qist's nap *me blogging laa...* off we go to the city again

erm... its going to be a cold nite hana~!! will go down below 10degC. watch your time...

will blog again peeps!
p/s : hows my twin spongebob is doing? u know who u are!


mama zharfan said...

wah...bestnya!! dh selamat sampai yer ;)
7 degree is cold!! now kat tmpt me around 20 degree..tu pun kena pakai sweater jugak esp on cloudy or raini days ;)
have fun yer hana!!

hana.basri said...

yup sejok~!!!!!! thanx suzie *wink*

tiefazatie said...

sgt sejuk tue beku tue sis..lil qist sgt cumil in pink colour..hihihi

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