Wednesday, August 25, 2010

VACAY2010 : day04_Philips Island 2

continue from kula bai centre, we headed straight to

the Nobbies

it came in similar group to 12 Apostles but here there is only ONE rock. this place is at the most end to the west of the island. we love this place as it is quite windy with great scenery and seagull disturbing chirps! hahhahah. yeah.. they are sooooooooo loud~ ku said there are gagak putih. huhuhu.

no entrance fees here and to make it better, we received a complimentary tomato soup as we bought the 3 parks pass. yeay~! its just refreshing coz we are soooooo hungry! huhu.

right before dust, we went to the

Penguin Parade centre

its our highlight of the day. there is many reminder saying that "please prepare your warm clothes as there will be no shelter". we thought that our 5 layers clothes including jacket is enuff... but we are so WRONG!!! the winds blowing... gosh~~~ so evil-blowing-wind!! it was so strong that we can feel the coldness straight inside even we just sat there not close to 5 mins!! LOL. we hav like 30mins more to wait for the lil creature~~ qist was crying badly coz she wanted to sleep + this kind of wind makes her angrier! huhu. we do have blanket for qist.. but ku have to bring here for some stroll here & there while waiting for the penguin.

 camera was not allowed while watching the penguin as the flash would scared the lil penguin. so sorry peeps! i carry the pix in my memory *wink* it was fun when we saw the penguin & friends landed and the seagull trying hard to scared them. the penguins made 3-4 attempts before successfully cross over the seagull!! poor penguins...

*pix googled*

we got chances to be very very close to the penguin while walking on the deck towards the entrance. those penguins actually made their home far from the beach so they will walk at the side of our walking deck! yeaaayyy~~ qist was soo excited to came across them as close as a hand away *i donno if my measurement is correct! LOL*

we only took some pix inside the centre *tak dpt yg real one, gambo pon jadi la jah oi~~*

guess i have covers our day 4 in melbourne peeps~ stay tune for DFO shopping spree in
day 5.  i made a never-planned-shopping-but-it-just-happened shopping! huhu

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