Monday, August 2, 2010

missing ku

our journey for VACAY 2010 is very near. just few more days to go!! but somehow rather, we dont feel it 100% yet coz ku is not around... when we are missing ku here, thats when we know ku is

coming back soon!!!

yeay~~~ haiyo.. napelah susahkan diri keje jauh2 from family... huhu. yesterday it triggers me like "how does it feels like a real family... i mean always together every other weekdays & weekends" ive been missing this for years already... and i think i almost forget!! hohoho. kekadang terpikir that those wifey & family for international operations hubby lagey la lama tak jumpe hubby dorang. 2 months in a row i think! feels really bersyukur that ku is still within domestic operations. alhamdulillah... but i know that the time will come. its just i dont want it to be very soon! if i would talk, i would say this..

"dear en boss. please pick others for east malaysia & international operations. just let ku reside within peninsular operations only"

vacay 2010, please come soon coz we are waiting for ku to come home!!

*counting days*


tiefazatie said... sweet sis...=)..hope u guys can go holidays as soon as possible sis..=D

mama zharfan said...

me paham, sbb selalu tgk adik me pegi offshore..:) :) tp lps dpt baby, dia terus mintak transfer masuk dept lain..tak sanggup tinggal his wife & keje outstation masyuk pun lebat now wonder u asyil travel abroad jer holiday :) :)

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