Friday, August 20, 2010

what is your kueh raya?

pagi pagi jumaat ni sgt sesuaaaai to think of what to do this weekend. huhu. tetibe terpikir

"what is my kueh raya this year ya?"

aah kan... sibok sgt dgn mamakuQis cookies sampai lupe yg lain. during sahur early this morning, mama said nk buat few more kueh raya. saya numpang je la kak jijah oi~~~ for Raya 2010, our kueh raya would be...

the most famous mamakuQis Chocolate Chip All Nuts cookies
iye.. sila buat tempahan segera ye coz we are going to close soon!!

the makan-tak-sudah-sudah Honey Cornflakes cookies
love it love it love!! easy+fast+crispy+yummy

*pix googled*

the tempat-lain-tak-dapat-laa Rolled Tart Nenas

*pix googled*

and of course.... its gonna be all 100% home made by my mom!! yezzzaaaaa


mama zharfan said...

honey cornflakes is my fav!!

hana.basri said...

easy bitsy and sekelip mata hilang! huhu

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