Saturday, August 21, 2010

the oven is running.....

wake-up peeps!! its saturday morning~~ *pheetttt* while Ramadhan is still almost 3 weeks to go, this means Raya 2010 is just around the corner

mamakuQis = baking baking baking

oopss... correction! not hana.basri ye... mama hana.basri *heeheeeeee* while mom buzy baking, we are busy

helping out
arrange trays
arrange cookies
seal containers
patch stickers
watching tv while waiting for oven to stop
sleeping *oops*

i wonder how my mom baked all hundreds and thounsands of cookies


gossh... u r seriously a superwoman!! *respect.. thumbs up!*


tiefazatie said...


mama zharfan said...

happy baking!!! me tunggu testimoni my bro about the cookies taste --he's die-hard fan of famous amos..but his 1st impression on mamakuQis tu..rupa mcm famous amos..he's yet to taste it :P

hana.basri said...


MamaAshraff2 said...

i'm a die hard fan of famos amos too..n found out tt mamaKuQis is just superb...d different is only famos amos is sweeter...

hana.basri said...

thanx mamaashraff :) i think we offer more nuts & chips too~~ hehe

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