Thursday, August 5, 2010

VACAY 2010 : off to Aussie

hye dear peeps!! am now in LCCT waiting to depart. wow... so much hassle just now. well i guess its a dugaan that starts. alamak...10 days ahead~~ special thanx to

my sis yana

for sending us here and waited almost 2 hours for check-in!! hohohoho. so here we are now peeps heading for our

VACAY 2010
Melbourne + Sydney
10 days

i will upload as many post as i can whenever possible. so hang on there ya~!!

keep the blog alive for me *wink*



Anonymous said...

hav fun sis...jeles gua..

tiefazatie said...

wah!!!take care my dear sis..=D..enjoy yaa..

mama zharfan said...

happy holiday hana!! tak sbr me nak baca citer u on cuti2 OZ :)

Farah Wahidda said...

tak cakap ada kat LCCT..hehe..
selamat bercuti2...

hana.basri said...

thanx ladies~!! me enjoying the cold here so far.. erm... thot 15-17degC je...skali sampai 5-13degC!! ape kes?? habis kesejokkan!

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