Tuesday, August 24, 2010

healing gamat... thank you!

yes peeps! its not that healin gamat but rather the power of healing by mr gamat~~ huhu. tadi after berbuka dok tgk tv dgn qist. elok je haa sitting on my kaki. then i wanted to change position and asked qist bangon jap. ape hangin tah qist bersemangat dgn lajunye & beriya2 & happy when suddenly... tersadong my feet!! haiyo~~~ terus tersembam with face down first!! i was like... "jap jap qist" n meluru pegi dapor calling my mom. cuak tahap dewa looking at massive darah kuar from her lips!! rasa nak nangis~~~~~~~ *uwaaaaaa* slalu kalau ku ada he will think of what to do. i mmg senang panic bile bab2 bende sakit ni coz i myself fear of pain!!

but my lil qsit is a very very very very very very strong and easy to handle. my mom terus amik minyak gamat and tuang kat tisu and asked me tekap kat bibir qist. i told qist "jgn cry.. mama letak ubat then sekeeeejap je baik!" so she  wasnt crying all the way. but i can imagined how painful it was *uuwaaaaaaaa* but the power of gamat.... cant describe more! too good to be true~~ L.O.V.E it!

*pix googled*

moral of story
sila jangan tukar position kaki anda
mr gamat = sgt power dgn healing effect!
belilah yg ori *LOL*


Nini D.. said...

minyak gamat mmg terbaeeekkkk!!!!

hana.basri said...



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