Friday, August 20, 2010

VACAY2010 : day03_GreatOceanDrive cont.

continue on Great Ocean Drive.. starting here we will start to reach *slowly* amazing & fantastic spots

curves & waves
huhu. actually i have no idea where does this place lies in the map! but one thing for sure its between lorne and apollo bay. its fantastic with the shore curvy view, the steep coastal road and lively waves!! its perfect~~ *nk amik gamba pon kaki gigil diri tepi curam tu!*

wild waves
waves started to get wilder and this tell us that its gonna be more windy!!! see the pix

Castle Cove
honestly i felt asleep becoz of the travel duration. huhu. ku slowly woke me up when we reach this fantastic place. we knew that we have reach a hill coz the scenery, the ocean, the green, the sky... woooooooooooooowwww!!!

12 Apostles
at last peeps!!! we have made here.. alhamdulillah. i would say its a small tourist stop with great scenary. first, we checked out the helicopter ride. it costs AUD95 - AUD445. huhu... since the queue is looooooong, amik gamba pon jadi daa~~ for ku its not a big deal coz he's been in chopper for god-knows-how-many-times!! tp qist keep on saying "nak naik topter nak naik topter" alamak...

on the opposite direction, across the road, by the beach.. there it was the amazing
12 Apostles

syukur that we have arrived here and yes... its amazing to look with own eyes the Almighty masterpiece *subhanallah*
lets get going afterwards to DAY FOUR Philips Island


mama zharfan said...

breathtaking scenary!! bertuahnya u dpt holiday mcm ni..

hana.basri said...

*speechless bile sampai situ* insyaAllah ada rezeki you sampai soon :)

tiefazatie said...

sgt cantik sis!bestnye..=)

Zal said...

bestnyer g 12 apostles. mmg teringin nak g sane one day. insyaAllah :D

hana.basri said...

insyaAllah zal~ if u about to go, lemme know so i can share all details that i have *wink*

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