Sunday, August 8, 2010

VACAY 2010 : day01_CityNightWalk

DAY ONE, we were out after maghrib. the temp was down below 10degC with wind blowing softly. sounds romantic huh?? its seriously C.O.L.D. we were wearing 3 layers inside + coat outside!! hoho. we took tram towards city from MH. stopped at the station near art centre. there we was at the
national gallery of victoria

erm... dropped by here just to snap pix and qist nk tgk fountain! huhu. then we stroll along towards

art centre


sbelah je pon!! haha. i was so jealous at the local coz they ate doughnat like everywhere~ am just tak brani nak makan coz not that darurat yet *wink* pretty sure got emulasifier made from mr piggy inside! moving on towards

yarra river

its huge and pretty with buildings side-by-side. here we could see many restaurant by the river. so romantic!owh owh.. we saw ada kete stop in the middle of the road and terus berlarian 3 org towards that car and help to push the car to the side. dalam hati i "bagusnye kalau org kite camni~~ so helpful!* shortly after that we arrived at

flinders street station

it reminds me to kl old train station!! huhu sbb its a old building rite in the center. its more like a preserved building. this is the biggest train station *i think* besides southern cross station. this station connects to

swanston street

a live street full of entertainment, shopping, restaurant, souveniers.. u name it! its a loooong street but hey! u can always walk. tak penat pon.. coz its purely amazing and keep u busy going in & out the shops. we do our grocerries shop here a sam's and woolworth. and not to forget have a dinner at

es teller

owh yes julie!! if u read this, u make me wanna try es teller actually~~ hahahhaa. this diner is actually an indonesian restaurant. its something like nasi ayam penyet kat sana. got many choices of food. have a look!

we did try their nasi pecel. no wonder why malaysian here said its good to dine here when they miss malaysian taste. its yummy!!

we head "home" around 10pm as the nite getting colder.. i should have upload this post last nite but i fall asleep with my tudung still on!! sangaaaaattt penat berjalan~~

catch ya later XOXO


tiefazatie said...

wah!!!bestnye sis...=)

mama zharfan said...

nice pics ;) nasi ayam pecel tu nampak sedap ;)

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